Diana Lasso: Bio, Wiki, Career, All About Wayne Brady’s Ex-Wife

February 14, 2022

 Diana Lasso: Biography

Diana lasso biography
Full Name: Diana Lasso Nationality: Colombian, American
Place of Birth: Colombia Parents: Isabel Gamboa
Date of Birth: March 4, 1975 Marital Status: Divorced
Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ex-spouse: Wayne Brady
Height: 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m) Occupation: Singer

Diana Lasso wiki, biography, early life, and education

Diana Lasso was born on March 4, 1975, in Colombia. Her horoscope is Pisces.

She is 1.6 m tall and weighs approximately 52 kg.

She has always led a private life, and her only known parent is her mother, who goes by the name Isabel Gamboa. Also, she has one sibling, a sister called Justina Lasso.

She was raised in Colombia and took her education for elementary and secondary school levels within her locality.

It is not clear whether she attended any college, but she participated in various activities such as games and choir in school. She loved singing, and that is why she pursued it as a career.

Diana Lasso career, professional life

Diana Lasso is a Colombian singer.

She began singing after completing her education. She released songs such as Esta Noche No, which was sung in Spanish. It simply means ‘not tonight’ in English.

That was her popular song, which made her build a huge fan base in Columbia. She relocated to the United States at the spire of her singing career. She continued singing, but her songs were not well received in the US.

In the US, she found love in 1993 and settled there for some time. But her marriage was on rocks and was divorced in 1995. She returned to Columbia and tried to revitalize her dying music career but to no avail.

Her songs did not become popular anymore, but she continued singing until now because of his passion for music.

Diana Lasso net worth

Diana Lasso net worth is $1 million.

she makes much of her money from music and also received $1 million from Wayne Brady as divorce settlement.

Diana Lasso marriage life, husband Wayne Brady, and children

Diana Lasso is currently unmarried after a bitter divorce with popular American TV personality and comedian Wayne Brady.

Diana Lasso won significant recognition due to her marriage to Wayne. Wayne is known for casting in the comedy game show Whose Line Is It Anyway, which was a project of creators Mark Leveson and Dan Patterson.

The two, then-soulmates, were married on December 31, 1993, after dating for almost a year.

At the time of their marriage, Diana was 18 and her partner Wayne was 21.

It did not take time before the two were in loggerheads. After almost two years in marriage, the two parted ways in a bitter divorce on September 21, 1995. The reason for their divorce was the failure of Wayne to give attention to her newly-wed wife. Diana accused Wayne of focusing too much on his career and sidelining his marriage life.

Diana and Wayne had were not blessed with children during the time that they were together.

Diana moved to Columbia, and Wayne remarried on April 3, 1999. His second wife is dancer Mandie Taketa. They have one daughter christened Maile Masako Brady, born on 3 February 2003.

Diana lasso biography
Wayne Brady, daughter Maile Masako Brady and ex-wife Mandie Taketa.

Wayne is not a women’s keeper. Her relationship also hit a snag on April 5, 2006, and were legally divorced on July 2, 2007.

After going to Columbia, Diana never got engaged with romantic entanglements, and she is now single. Wayne is also single in the US.

Diana Lasso likes, hobbies

* Hosting music concerts
* Diana loves horse riding
* She loves pets such as cats and dogs
* Her favorite actor is John Leguizamo
* Her favorite actress is Sofia Vergara

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