Speed Test

Nairobi Wire Speed Test

This is a powerful tool to help you check how fast your internet connection is.
Click ‘Start Test’ to find out if your bandwidth is what your ISP is advertising.

On the left, you will find various information about your internet provider, the type of connection, your IP address, and also the browser and version of the operating system you are using to conduct the speed test.

On the right, you will find the maximum and average download speeds. Ideally, the average speed should be what you are paying for.
Right under that you will find the upload speed. If you are with a good ISP, there shouldn’t be a big difference between your download and upload speeds.
Rarely is the upload speed higher than the download speed.

At the very bottom right, you will find information concerning the data transmission latency (ping). Unlike download and upload speeds, you want this figure to be as low as possible. This is particularly important if you regularly game on the internet. The higher the latency, the more lag you will see.