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February 24, 2022

Dobre Brothers: Biography

dobre brothers biography
Names: Cyrus Dobre, Darius Dobre, Lucas Dobre, and Marcus Dobre Nationality: Americans
Place of Birth: Maryland, United States of America Parents: Boz Mofid, Aurelia Dobre
Dates of Birth: 9th March 1993 (Cyrus), 2nd August 1995 (Darius), 28th January 1999 (Marcus & Lucas) Ethnicity: Mixed
Zodiac Signs: Pisces (Cyrus,) Leo (Darius) and Aquarius (Marcus and Lucas) Religion: Christianity
Net Worth: $20 million Occupation: Youtubers, singers, dancers, authors

Dobre Brothers ages, parents, biography, wiki, early life, and education

Dobre brothers are a set of four biological brothers, sharing one mom and dad.

They are American nationals born at different times in Maryland, United States of America.

Cyrus is the oldest brother and was born on March 9, 1993. His horoscope is Pisces.

Darius was born second on August 2, 1995. His zodiac sign is Leo.

Marcus and Lucas are twins and were born on January 28, 1999. Their star sign is Aquarius.

dobre brothers biography
childhood photo of Dobre Brothers.

Regarding their education, the Dobre Brothers attended South Hagerstown High School in Hagerstown, Maryland.

After completing high school, Cyrus pursued a degree in Strategic Communication and a Master’s degree in Sociology at the University of Lowa.

His brother Darius graduated from Towson University with further details of Lucas and Marcus concerning further education still in the dark.

Dobre Brother’s mother is Aurelia Dobre, a gymnastics world champion already indicted in the hall of fame. She is a Romanian who relocated to the US in 1991. She was born on November 16, 1972, and flew the Romanian flag high when she competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics and won a silver medal and in the 1989 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Her career was cut short following a major injury.

Their father is Boz Mofid, an Iranian gymnastics coach. The couple, who tied the knot in 1992, now run Dobre Gymnastics Academy in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

dobre brothers wiki
Dobre Brothers, father Boz and mother Aurelia during 25th birthday of Darius.

The Dobre Brothers are of mixed ethnicity, and they profess Christianity.

Dobre Brother’s heights: Cyrus (5 feet 8 inches), Darius (5 feet 9 inches), Lucas and Marcus (5 feet 7 inches).

Dobre Brothers career, Youtube earnings

Dobre Brothers are YouTubers, dancers, and musicians known for their breakdancing and gymnastics stunts, such as backflips which they upload on their channels.

dobre brothers biography
Dobre Brothers performing backflip dance.

Lucas and Marcus, the Dobre Twins, are the pioneers of their flourishing careers. They started a joint Youtube Channel on January 20, 2011, in which they posted their comedy dance videos which amassed a lot of views.

The channel named Lucas and Marcus has over 24 million subscribers and above 6 billion view count. Their popular video is Dobre Brothers – You Know You Lit (Official Music Video) which was uploaded on July 28, 2017, and has over 155 million viewers. The second-most popular video is LEARNING GYMNASTICS WITH OUR FAVORITE GIRL, with over 88 million views. It was uploaded on August 22, 2017.

Six years later, the other brothers, Cyrus and Darius, joined their brothers in the video-sharing platform as they created a concerted YouTube channel titled Dobre Brothers on June 6, 2017.

They upload dance and prank videos every Saturday and Sunday. They have managed to attract over 10 million subscribers and boast over 2 billion views.

Dobre Brothers’ popular videos are SWITCHING GIRLFRIENDS FOR 24 HOURS! and MEETING THE MINI DOBRE BROTHERS?! with 41M+ and 32M+ views, respectively.

They also have another channel, Dobre Cars, where they showcase their high-end cars. The channel has over a million subscribers and was created on November 22, 2018.

Dobre Brothers cars – They owned several luxurious cars such as Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, Lamborghini Huracan STO, McLaren Senna, and Porsche 918 Spyder.

Dobre Brothers YouTube earnings

How much do Dobre Brothers earn on YouTube? With a view count of over 2 billion views and the average pay of $2000 (lowest) per a million views, then Dobre Brothers have earned over $4 million from their collective channel.

On the other hand, Lucas and Marcus have registered the highest gross income from their channel, which has $6 billion views. The channel has rewarded them with over $12 million. They earn above $140,000 monthly.

With over 88 million views in Dobre Cars, the brothers have gained over $1 million.

Dobre Brothers music, music career.

Dobre Brothers are multi-talented. They have released a couple of songs that have been uploaded on YouTube and Spotify.

On Spotify, they have 30K+ monthly listeners with their popular song, You Know You Lit, having over 6 million streams.

List of Dobre Brothers songs

* Live It Up
* You Know You Lit
* Stop That
* The Walk
* Bumpin’
* No Fakes
* Whoa
* Be The Hero
* Feelin’ Alright
* On The Real Tho

Dobre Brothers books, authors

Dobre Brothers are also gifted authors and have written a book on their lives, career, and all perspectives of their lives.

The book is titled You Know You Lit by The Dobre Brothers. It is posted for sale on Amazon and retails at $23.99 for hardcover and $11.99 for kindle edition.

Dobre Brothers net worth

With success in all that they put their hands to, the Dobre Brothers have been rewarded for their hard work and endurance in the bitter journey to success.

The latest report on their wealth reveals that Dobre Brothers have a staggering fortune of $20 million cumulatively.

Dobre Brothers girlfriends, wives, children

Cyrus Dobre was dating Christina Kalamvokis in 2017, and he later proposed to her on July 10, 2018, before solemnizing their union.

However, the two sweethearts broke up on April 13, 2020, due to undisclosed issues. Cyrus Dobre is now single.

Darius Dobre’s girlfriend is Instagram star and model Madeline Damskey. The two started dating in 2019 and are still together up to now.

dobre brothers biography
Darius Dobre and girlfriend Madeline Damskey.

Lucas Dobre is in a committed relationship with Ivanita Lomeli, also a YouTuber. They have featured her channel (Ivanita Lomeli), which has over 5 million subscribers, on their main channel.

dobre brothers biography
Lucas Dobre and girlfriend Ivanita Lomeli.

Marcus Dobre is yet to divulge his partner.

Dobre Brothers contacts, social media


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