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February 5, 2022

Amouranth: Biography

Amouranth biography
Full Name: Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa Nickname: Amouranth
Nationality: American Gender: Female
Date of Birth: December 2, 1993 Horoscope: Sagittarius
Birth Place: Houston, Texas, United States Relationship Status: Married
Spouse: Lee Nick Occupation: Twitch streamer, cosplayer, erotic model, and YouTuber

Amouranth wiki, biography early life and education

Amouranth was born Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa on December 2, 1993. She is of Caucasian descent.

She is popularly known as Amouranth in the media circles as she uses the name on all her social media platforms and professionally.

Amouranth has always been reserved when it comes to her early life. Little is known about her parents and siblings.

However, a word on the street speculates that she was brought up under the care of supportive parents who were very wealthy.

Regarding her education, she studied at a private school within her locality in Houston before attending college and finally graduating. She has never mentioned the names of the schools.

Amouranth career, net worth

Amouranth is a famed cosplayer, Twitch streamer, erotic model, and YouTuber.

To cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game. Amouranth loves to cosplay and says that it is an artistic way of expressing herself. She usually dresses as fictional characters and mimics their gimmicks.

Ever since she was young, Amouranth loved modeling and costume designing. Her passion has given her a boost in her career as a model renowned for posting breathtaking photos, which occasionally leaves men gasping for air.

Amouranth biography

However, she has received much criticism regarding her career as an erotic model. Critics say that she misleads the young generation with the semi-naked photos she usually uploads.

It is for her photos that she received frequent bans on her social platforms such as Twitch.

Amouranth Twitch

Amouranth is a popular Twitch streamer with a whooping five million subscribers.

She was among the highest-paid content creators, on the American video live streaming service, for the last two years.

Amouranth was ranked 48th most paid Twitch streamer and the second most paid female on the platform, after Pokimane, who has over 8 million subscribers.

In a recent interview with YouTuber AnthonyPadilla, Amouranth disclosed that her monthly earnings are $1.3million to $1.4million. This brings her yearly income to over $15 million.

Amouranth YouTube

Amouranth started her Youtube channel on January 17, 2011.

Since then, it has attracted 766K subscribers and a view count of 82M+, thanks to her steamy videos.

Through her sponsored deals with big corporates such as G Fuel and online stores such as Dolls Kill, Amouranth is said to be earning over $100,000 in a month.

Amouranth Net Worth

Amouranth is also available on most adult sites, and fans pay a fee to view her content.

It is reported that corporates chasing her signature for marketing deals part with over $500,000.

Amouranth has many revenue streams. This has made her rich, and she is estimated to be worth $7 million to $15 million.

Amouranth husband, boyfriend, and relationships

Amouranth’s iconic status has made many people curious about her love life.

She has never opened up about her past dating life or even posted her current relationship status.

However, it is rumored that she is married to a little-known man identified as Lee Nick.

It is also said that she has an affair with a man named Matt Barr, who is her boyfriend. She has not confirmed this yet.

Facts about Amouranth life

Amouranth biography

* She is a fitness enthusiast and works out four times a week.

* She has accidentally posted her nudes on her Twitch channel many times.

* She was banned on Twitch in September 2019 for posting nudes but later recovered her account.

* Her most famous upload on Youtube is a video titled BODYSUIT Desire Haul | tell me what you think, which has garnered over 5.8M+ views.

Amouranth social media

She is a frequent social media user and has thousands of followers.

FacebookAmouranth – Kaitlyn Siragusa 412K+ followers
Twitter@Amouranth 1.9M+ followers
TikTokKaitwild 57K+ followers

She was banned on Instagram.

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