Agnes Charles Guggenheim: Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents.. Everything About Elisabeth Shue’s Daughter

October 28, 2021

Agnes Charles Guggenheim: Biography

Agnes Charles Guggenheim wiki


Full Name: Agnes Charles Guggenheim Parents: Davis Guggenheim, Elisabeth Shue
Birth Place: United States Siblings: Miles William Guggenheim, Stella Street Guggenheim
Date of Birth: June 18, 2006 Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Education: N/A Occupation: N/A

Agnes Charles Guggenheim Biography

Agnes Charles Guggenheim is the daughter of Hollywood actress Elisabeth Shue and director Davis Guggenheim.

‘Guggenheim’ is a famous American name, immortalized by the art museum located at 1071 Fifth Avenue, in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.

However, we could not find a relation between Solomon Guggenheim, whom the museum is named after, and Davis Guggenheim, Agnes’ father.

Agnes was born on June 18, 2006. Without much accomplishments of her own, her claim to fame is by virtue of being born of two famous parents.

Agnes Charles Guggenheim Family

Agnes Guggenheim parents
Davis Guggenheim and Elisabeth Shue

Agnes Guggenheim is the last born child of Davis Guggenheim and Elisabeth Shue.

Davis Guggenheim is a film director, and is a son of one of the greatest film directors to ever life – Charles Guggenheim.

Among his famous works are a 2008 biographical film on candidate Obama, and a 2019 Netflix documentary on Microsoft founder Bill Gates, titled ‘Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates.’

Elisabeth Shue is also in the show business, being a famous actress. She has starred in several movies and TV shows, among them: The Karate Kid, Back to the Future II and III, The Boys, Cobra Kai, etc.

She is also an Academy Award nominee for Best Actress.

The two got married in 1994.

Agnes has two siblings, a brother named Miles William Guggenheim, born in 1997, and a sister named Stella Street Guggenheim, born in 2001.

She also has a cousin on record named Nathaniel William Shue, and two aunts; Grace Guggenheim and Jenna Shue.

His brother Miles is a graduate of Brown University. His mother named him after her brother William Shue, who died in 1988 in a tragic accident.

Agnes sister Stella is a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is also a gymnast like her mother.

Agnes Guggenheim’s grandfather

Agnes Guggenheim’s grandfather, Charles Guggenheim, was a big name in film directing, and is considered one of the greatest ever.

He famously made the Robert Kennedy Remembered documentary in 1968, just two months after he was assassinated on the campaign trail.

He was nominated for 12 Oscars, and won 4 of them. He died on October 9, 2002.

Agnes Charles Guggenheim Education

At the time of this writing, Agnes is pursuing her high school education. However, information on which school she attends is not public knowledge.

Agnes Charles Guggenheim Career

Being the daughter of two parents in the show business, it is highly likely that she will take a similar career path. However, so far there has been no such indication.

While famous parents often get roles for their children from an early age, Agnes has not had any stint in acting. It will likely be a couple of years before we can know what career she chose.

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