Olivia Rose Cameron: Biography, Age, Net Worth.. Everything About Kirk Cameron’s Daughter

October 25, 2021

Olivia Rose Cameron: Biography

olivia rose cameron biography
Full Name: Olivia Rose Cameron Spouse: N/A
Birth Place: USA Parents: Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble
Date of Birth: 17 July 2001 Siblings: James Thomas Cameron, Isabella Cameron, Luke Cameron, Anna Cameron, Jack Cameron
Education: N/A Occupation: N/A


Olivia Rose Cameron biography

Olivia Rose Cameron is the first born biological child of Hollywood actors Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble. She was born on 17th July 2001, about 10 years after her parents got married.

She grew up in a large family, with 4 other kids. She has a biological brother called James Thomas Cameron, who was born 2 years after her birth, on 13th April 2003.

Her parents however adopted 3 other kids.

Despite being a child of famous celebrities, Olivia Rose Cameron has maintained a relatively low profile life. It is not public knowledge where she got an education.

As of yet, it does not look like she will be taking a similar career path as her parents.

Olivia Rose Cameron Parents

Olivia Rose Cameron’s parents are Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble. They are both Hollywood actors.

Kirk Cameron is the bigger star, having appeared in shows like Growing Pains, a popular ABC sitcom that aired from 1985 t0 1992. He is a devout Evangelical Christian and Republican, and has even appeared at the conservative conference CPAC.

Perhaps because of his beliefs, among them ‘homosexuality is unnatural’, Kirk has seen his role in Hollywood diminish, and rarely gets any roles.

His 2014 movie ‘Saving Christmas’ was a monumental flop, making it to the list of IMDB bottom 100 movies ever.

His wife Chelsea Noble has not had any better fortunes in Hollywood. She has appeared in several low budget movies, often the same ones as her husband. However, she is yet to land a major role.

Olivia Rose Cameron Siblings

Olivia has 4 siblings. Her biological brother James Thomas Cameron is 2 years younger than her.

olivia rose cameron brother
James Thomas Cameron, Olivia’s biological brother

However, all her 3 adopted siblings are older than her. They are: Jack Cameron (25), Isabella Cameron (24) and Anna Cameron (23).

Olivia Rose Cameron Relationship

There is no public information on Olivia Rose Cameron’s romantic relationships. Having just completed high school, such talk may be premature.

Olivia Rose Cameron Occupation and Salary

Despite coming from an acting family, there is no indication yet that Olivia Rose Cameron intends to take up acting as a career.

Many Hollywood actors groom their children for a life on the big or small screen, often by getting them acting roles when they are still young. This has not been the case with Olivia.

It therefore remains to be seen what she will major at in college, and what her eventual career will be.

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