Zion Clark: Biography, Age, Family, Olympics, Guinness World Record, How Does He Pee?

October 13, 2021

Zion Clark: Biography

Zion Clark Biography
Full Name: Zion Clark Spouse: Girlfriend
Birth Place: Columbus, Ohio Children: None
Date of Birth: September 29, 1997 Occupation: Professional wrestler
Education: Massillon High School, Kent State University Weight: 40kg

Zion Clark is an African-American professional wrestler. He is widely recognizable by his rare physical condition, Caudal Regression Syndrome. This means he has no legs and was born that way.

Zion was born on September 29, 1997, in Columbus Ohio. His birth mother was unable to take care of him, and he was thus thrust into the foster care system, right from birth.

He didn’t have a real family, and for his first 16 years, moved from home to home. He recalls being mentally and physically abused many times during his childhood, not helped by the fact that he was physically different.

“I did get bullied when I was a kid. I got shoved in lockers, I have been beat up pretty bad,” he once remarked. “If I could talk to all those people who bullied me, beat me up, and really disrespected me, do you know what I’d say? I’d say thank you. Because it really made me stronger.”

He however eventually got adopted by mother of two Kimberli Hawkins.

Zion Clark Education

Zion attended Massillon High School in Northeast Ohio for his elementary studies. It is here that he met Coach Gil Donahue, who recognized his passion for sport and his work ethic. He trained and improved his wrestling technique here for 3 years.

As Zion puts it in his own biography, “In his senior year, Zion finished the season 33-15 and was one match from qualifying for the D-I Ohio High School State Wrestling Championships. In an incredible display of heart and determination, Zion wrestled his opponent (a 20 pd. weight differential) beyond the grueling 6 minutes of regulation and 2 overtimes…only to fall 1-0 in sudden death.”

He would then capture his second high school track wheel chair racing title just a few months later.

After being recruited by several colleges, Zion chose to attend Kent State University, Tuscarawas.

Zion Clark on Netflix

During this period, his sporting heroics caught the attention of a Hollywood producer. His journey during his senior year was filmed and documented for the Netflix film ‘Zion’.

The film received critical acclaim.

Zion Clark Relationship or Girlfriend

Zion is yet to go public with his relationship. While he is certainly not married, we are sure that he is dating. After setting a new Guinness World Record in 2021, he made reference to his girlfriend.

“Everybody was excited, I was excited, my girlfriend was excited… it was just a moment man!” he said.

However, he did not reveal her name.

Zion Clark Career

Zion has no plans to stop wrestling professionally. However he is also pursuing other athletic interests such as power lifting, bodybuilding and circus arts.

In the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Zion became the first American athlete to compete in both the Olympic (wrestling) and the Paralympic (wheelchair racing) games.

He is also a motivational speaker.

Zion Clark Guinness World Record

In 2021, Zion Clark set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest 20-meter walk on two hands. The official time was called at 4.78 seconds.

How does Zion Clark Pee?

As mentioned, Zion was born with a rare condition called Caudal Regression Syndrome. That means that he needs some help undertaking certain tasks, such as peeing. Reportedly, a tube is inserted through his lower body, into the bladder. This then drains the urine into a collection bag.

Zion Clark Net Worth

Since he is just starting his professional career, it is quite difficult to calculate his net worth. However, based on past winnings and other endorsements, he has a reported net worth of about $1 million.

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