Chris Frangipane: Everything There is To Know About Halsey’s Father

September 22, 2021

Chris Frangipane: Biography

Chris Frangipane biography
Full Name: Chris Frangipane Wife: Nicole Frangipane
Birth Place: USA Children: Ashley Frangipane (Halsey), Dante Frangipane, Sevian Frangipane
Date of Birth: Early 70s Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: African-American and Irish Occupation: Automobile sales manager

Chris Frangipane is the father to popular American singer and songwriter Halsey.

Not much is known about his early life, but it is believed that he was born in the 70s, possibly between 1972 and 1974. He is of mixed race, having both African-American and Irish ancestry.

Chris graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1997 Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey.

Chris Frangipane marriage to Nicole Frangipane

Chris met his future wife Nicole in college. They fell in love very early on, despite them constantly struggling financially, which meant that they needed to constantly move houses.

On September 29, 1994, they were blessed with their firstborn child, daughter Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. She would later become a world-famous singer, taking up the stage name ‘Halsey’.

During this period, they were really struggling to make ends meet, and they both had to briefly drop out of college to prepare and take care of their baby.

In 1998, the couple was blessed with another child, a son by the name Sevian Frangipane. Another son, Dante Frangipage, would follow in 2005. In total, they have 3 children.

Chris Frangipane’s family

It may not seem like it, but the odds were stacked against the Frangipanes. It was unlikely that the family would produce a very famous and successful recording artist.

Because of Chris’ job, the family had to travel a lot and move a lot when the children were little. As a result, Halsey and her brother ended up attending multiple schools.

To make matters worse, Chris and his wife once kicked teenage Halsey out of their family home. According to some media reports, this was after continued use of illegal drugs. However Halsey herself has denied that explanation, saying the reason she was booted out was because she dropped out of college.

Halsey is now in good terms with her parents, and both her father and mother have on several occasions accompanied her to award shows and ceremonies. She even gives credit to her father for supporting her upbringing by pursuing stressful jobs, and being vital in her career.

Chris and his wife Nicole now live in Los Angeles.

Chris Frangipane’s career

Throughout his adult life, Chris has taken up numerous jobs to support his family. For most of his years however, he has worked in the car dealership industry, first as a sales manager for Ayers Chevrolet from 2003.

In 2013 he become a General Sales Manager at Prestige Volvo, and then a year and a half later went to work of Rossis Chevrolet Buick GMC, also as a sales manager.

Based on the annual salary of a car dealership sales manager of over $100,000, Chris is certainly living a decent life.

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