Alex Aniston: What You Need To Know About Jennifer Aniston’s Half Brother

September 16, 2021

Alex Aniston: Biography

Full Name: Alexander John Aniston Siblings: Jennifer Aniston
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California Children:  Two kids (Ryat and Kira)
Date of Birth: May 22, 1989 Girlfriend: Kiri Peita
Nationality: American Occupation: Actor, Producer, Musician

Alex Aniston is the half brother of famous Hollywood TV star Jennifer Aniston.

Full name Alexander John Aniston, he was born in 1989 in Los Angeles California. Alex and Jennifer share the same father, but different mothers.

The father, John Aniston was an actor who married actress Nancy Dow. They had Jennifer as their first child, which probably genetically predisposed her to being a successful actress herself.

The marriage however did not last, and they would later divorce.

John went on to marry his second wife Sherry Rooney Jones, a woman who was neither a celebrity nor had any other connections to Hollywood. In 1989 they had Alex as their first child together, and Jennifer’s half brother.

John and Sherry are still married to this day.

Alex Aniston Early Life

Alex Aniston and his half sister Jennifer Aniston

There is not much that is publicly known about Alex Aniston’s early life despite being born in a celebrity family.

However, it is understood that he was never very close with his half-sister Jennifer. And frankly it would not be expected that he be, owing to their age difference (20 years) and the fact that they were living in different households.

However, the two are still in reasonable terms, and Alex was reportedly the best man in Jennifer’s wedding to Justin Theroux.

Alex Aniston Relationships and Children

Alex has had several rocky relationships, and is often in the media in unflattering ways.

Among the women he has dated is Adriane Hallek, with whom they have two children; son Ryat Aniston who was born in 2014 and daughter Kira Aniston who was born in 2016.

The couple however separated and Alex moved on to date Kiri Peita, an Australian born vet technician. It is thought that they are still together.

Alex has however faced accusations of being a deadbeat father who neither visits his children nor pays any child support.

Alex Aniston Career

Following in the footsteps of his father and sister, Alex started out his career in Hollywood, working as an actor, producer, screenwriter and even musician.

Right now, it seems he has put a pause on show business, and has reportedly picked up a peculiar career option of selling animal skulls.

But for a guy in his early thirties, there is still a lot of time to return to the family business.

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