Francesca Hetfield: Biography of James Hetfield’s Wife

September 16, 2021

Francesca Hetfield: Biography

Francesca Hetfield biography
Full Name: Francesca Tomasi Hetfield Spouse: James Hetfield
Birth Place: Rosario, Argentina Children:  Castor Virgil , Marcella Francesca, Cali Tee
Date of Birth: January 27, 1970 Education: Overland High School, Colorado
Nationality: American Occupation: Costume designer

Francesca Hetfield, born Francesca Tomasi, is the wife of the lead vocalist, co-founder and main song writer of heavy metal band Metallica, James Hetfield.

She was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1970, before relocating to the United States.

Very little is publicly known about her early life, including who her parents or siblings are. However, it is understood that she attended Overland High School in Colorado, which would mean she immigrated into the United States as a child.

Francesca Hetfield Career

Francesca only known career is a brief stint as a costume designer for Metallica. After getting married, there has been no information as to anything she has done in relation to work.

She also stays away from social media, and unlike his very famous husband, avoids the limelight as much as possible.

Francesca Hetfield’s Marriage

In 1992 while working as a costume designer for Metallica, the heavy metal band founded about 11 years earlier, Francesca met James Hetfield. The band was at that time on their ‘Wherever We May’ tour.

The two soon started dating and got married five years later on 17th August 1997.

Together, they have been blessed with 3 kids, namely: Cali Tee Hetfield born on June 13, 1998; Castor Virgil Hetfield born on May 18, 2000; and Marcella Francesca Hetfield born on January 17, 2002.

The family lived in San Francisco for a long time, but James Hetfield has in recent years revealed that they have made Vail, Colorado their home. His reason was to escape the elitist attitudes of people in San Francisco, their politics etc. as well as to reconnect with nature and take part in one of his favorite hobbies, hunting, ‘with less judgment’.

James was a conservative in a city and state that is one of the most liberal in the US.

Francesca Hetfield’s net worth

It is almost impossible to know what Francesca owns personally exclusive of her husband. Her extremely private life sure does not help.

But it is quite certain that the family is not struggling, with James Hetfield’s net worth estimated at $300 million.

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