Amy Ferson: Biography, Age, Daughter, MSNBC, CNN.. Everything You Need To Know

October 13, 2021

Amy Ferson: Biography

Amy Ferson Biography
Full Name: Amy Ferson Spouse: T.J. Holmes (ex)
Birth Place: USA Children: Brianna Holmes, Jaiden Holmes
Date of Birth: N/A Ethnicity: Mixed
Education: N/A Net Worth: N/A

Amy Ferson is an American woman who was the first wife of T.J. Holmes, a famous journalist.

The couple were together for several years, before calling it quits and divorcing in 2007. Together, they were blessed with 2 children.

Amy Ferson family

Very little is known about Amy Ferson’s family. Other than her children, nothing has been publicly shared about her parents, siblings or even her upbringing.

How old is Amy Ferson?

Amy Ferson is very private when it comes to her life. She has not shared publicly when she was born, although it is widely believed it is in the mid to late 70s. Her ex-husband T.J. Holmes is in his mid-40s, and if were were to make an educated guess about Amy, she is also about the same age as of this writing in 2021.

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Amy Ferson Husband

Amy Ferson was married to T.J. Holmes until their divorce in 2007. It is not clear when they actually married, but the assumption, going by their age, is that it was in the early 2000s. That would mean they only spent a few years as husband and wife.

It is not known how the two met.

Her ex-husband T.J. Holmes gained prominence as an anchor and correspondent for CNN, where he spent 5 years. He left the network in 2011 and signed a deal with BET, which lasted until 2013.

At the same time, in December 2012, Holmes was a substitute weekend anchor on MSNBC, and also as an occasional correspondent for CNN.

On September 27, 2014, he officially joined ABC News Good Morning America, where he is an anchor and correspondent to this day.

Is Amy Ferson married today?

After their divorce, it is unclear whether Amy Ferson married again. As mentioned, she is incredibly private, and very little of her relationships ever gets out. However, it has been a long time since she left her husband, and it would be reasonable to assume that she has at least dipped her fingers in the dating world.

It is however unlikely that any of that has resulted into a marriage, since it would be a bit hard to hide that.

Is T.J. Holmes married today?

Yes, unlike his ex-wife, T.J. Holmes remarried in in 2010, barely 3 years after the two divorced. He married an attorney based out of Atlanta, called Marilee Fiebig. The two went on to welcome a daughter, Sabine Holmes, in January 2013.

Amy Ferson Daughter

Before their divorce, Ferson and Holmes were blessed with two children. One of them was daughter Brianna Holmes, and the other a son, Jaiden Holmes.

We don’t know their actual ages, but based on when their parents were together, we can conclude that they are either in their late teens, or early 20s.

Where does Amy Ferson live?

Amy has not publicly shared where she lives. We will update if that information becomes available.

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