Casey Neistat: Bio, Family, Wife, Children, Net Worth.. Facts About This Famous YouTuber

February 5, 2022

Casey Neistat: Biography

Casey Neistat biography
Full Name: Casey Owen Neistat Nationality: American
Birth Place: Gales Ferry, Ledyard, Connecticut, United States Spouse: Candice Pool
Date of Birth: March 25, 1981 Children: Georgie Neistat, Francine Neistat, Owen Neistat
Siblings: Van Neistat, Dean Neistat, Jordan Neistat Sexual orientation: Straight
Net worth: $18 million Occupation: YouTuber, producer, video director

Casey Neistat biography, early life, and education

Casey Owen Neistat was born on March 25, 1981, in Gales Ferry, Ledyard, Connecticut, United States. His horoscope is Aries.

Little is known about his parents, who were reportedly stinky rich, as they were real estate investors in New York.

Together with his three siblings, Van Neistat, Dean Neistat, Jordan Neistat, they were raised under Reformed Judaism, a religious society that discontinued primitive Jewish credence to live with the trends of the modern world.

Neistat is a school dropout. He forsook his studies at Ledyard High School when he was in 10th grade. He was 15 years old at the time.

He lived with his parents until age 17, when he abandoned his home and went to live with his girlfriend Robin Harris in a trailer park until 20 when he decided to leave for New York to pursue his dream of a filmmaker.

Casey Neistat career, net worth

Casey Neistat has a stunning career history.

After moving away from his parents’ home, at the age of 17 to 21 (1998 to 2001), he worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant in Mystic, Connecticut.

He then moved to New York and landed a job as a bike messenger.

Neistat was a visionary young man who was determined to be a filmmaker.

In 2001, he banded together with his brother, Van, to do film-producing for artist Tom Sachs. They worked on films focusing on the artist’s sculptures and installations.

Casey Neistat biography
Casey Neistat and his brother, Van Neistat.

The two brothers continued to work together, and their unique-styled contents have made their work popular across the globe.

Neistat’s breakthrough came after producing a 3-minute short video titled iPod’s Dirty Secret in 2003.

In the video, Neistat criticized Apple, an American multinational technology company, for not having a well-established battery replacement program for iPod.

The video went viral on the internet, with many international media outlets such as The Washington Post, Rolling Stone Magazine, Fox News, CBS News, and BBC News featuring it on their platforms.

This forced Apple to announce a battery replacement policy on November 14, 2003, followed by communication on its warranty on November 21.

Apple went ahead to condemn the film, saying that it was produced at a moment when they were still working on the policy and warranty.

Neistat and brother, Van, then produced a second film dubbed Science Experiments in 2004, which further propelled him to fame.

The video was highlighted in the Creative Time’s 59th Minute program showing a one-minute excerpt from Neistat’s film every 59 minutes on the Panasonic Times Square Astrovision.

In July 2008, Neistat was involved in the production of a film, The Neistat Brothers, which focuses on their early life. The script of the film was written and directed by Casey and Van.

The film was purchased by Home Box Office (HBO), an American pay television network owned by WarnerMedia Studios & Networks, for an undisclosed price.

Casey Neistat YouTube

Casey Neistat is undoubtedly one of the most successful YouTubers.

He joined the platform on February 16, 2010, to aid his filmmaking career.

His video location is mostly New York, where he says he has been working for over a decade.

He focuses on the daily life of the people of New York and mostly, criticizes institutions or departments that take advantage of the locals in the most populous city in the United States.

His channel became popular after he started a program that entailed posting new content daily on his channel. However, he stopped after some time, citing that it had ruined his relationship with close family members.

Casey Neistat’s YouTube channel has 12M+ subscribers and 3B+ views.

Apart from YouTube, Neistat and Matt Hackett produced an application called Beme in 2015.

Beme was a video-sharing platform where users posted unedited videos to receive reactions from other users.

After eight days, the platform had 1.1 million videos and logged 2.4 million reactions.

It was then acquired by the Cable News Network (CNN) for a whopping $25,000,000.

Unfortunately, Beme was closed down in 2017.

In his other career as a video director, Casey Neistat has helped in directing TV commercials and has worked with big corporates such as Samsung, Nike, Google, Finn Jewelry, J.Crew, and Mercedes-Benz.

Casey Neistat net worth

Casey Neistat is rich, one of the richest YouTubers in the world.

His wealth is drawn from his long career as a YouTuber. He became very rich after selling Beme to CNN for $25M.

His estimated net worth is $18 million.

Casey Neistat marriage, wife, and children

Casey Neistat was in a romantic relationship with Robin Harris during his teen years. They had their first son, Owen, during the period that they were together.

The two separated and much is not known about Robin.

Neistat then eloped with a beautiful woman named Candice Pool. The two first met in Houston, Texas, and immediately got married. Their marriage only lasted for a month.

On February 18, 2013, Neistat and Candice rekindled their love and officialized their union in a Jewish wedding ceremony on December 29, 2013, held at Cape Town, South Africa.

casey neistat biography
Casey Neistat and Candice Pool during their wedding in South Africa.

They are blessed with two daughters Francine and Georgie. Neistat takes care of Owen together with the daughters.

Casey Neistat biography
Casey Neistat’s family.

Casey Neistat political views

He is an ardent supporter of The Democratic Party and supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid in 2016.

In 2020, he backed Joe Biden when he was popularizing his bid to take over from former President Donald Trump.

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