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female genie

What are Female Genies Called?

[lwptoc width=”full” float=”none”] What is a female genie called? A female genie’s name is Genie, of course. However, some people have referred to a
October 25, 2021
what does SOS mean

What Does SOS Actually Mean?

‘SOS’ has inspired a slew of backronyms. The letters don’t mean anything, in actuality. There’s no reason why the signal should consist of three
October 24, 2021
how many cups are there in 200ml

How Many Cups Are There in 200ml of Liquid?

[lwptoc labelHide=”hide” width=”full” backgroundColor=”#d9fffb” borderColor=”#dedede” linkColor=”#000000″] A cup is a unit of measurement mostly used in the United States. It is primarily a serving
October 14, 2021