What are the Most Painful Body Parts and Spots to Tattoo?

October 24, 2021

Thinking of getting that tattoo but worried about the pain? This is for you.

Tattoos are the most common body decorations in the world. Some estimates put the number of young adults with at least one tattoo at 38%. Despite this high number, the fear of pain during the tattooing process is still quite high.

So, which are the most painful parts?

It has been determined that biological male and female experience pain differently, with women experiencing it more intensely. However, a rule of the thumb is that areas with many nerve endings, close to the bone, with thin skin, or without much fat, are the most painful.

These include: armpits, ankles, rib cage, nipples and breasts, elbows, groin, behind the knee, head, face, lips, toes etc.

On the other hand, the least painful areas to get tattooed are: upper thigh, forearm, outer shoulders, biceps, etc.

These tattoo pain charts break down the least to most painful areas to get inked.

Tattoo pain chart for a biological female

Tattoo pain chart for a biological male

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