This is What ‘Check DRL System’ Means on Acura MDX

October 25, 2021

check drl acura mdxAcura MDX is a luxury crossover SUV. Owners of this car often encounter error messages that are hard to decipher. Let’s look at the most common one.


What does check DRL system mean on Acura MDX?

DRL stands for Daytime Running Lights.

When you get this message, it means that the onboard computer has detected an issue. The most common cause is a faulty bulb, but it can also be brought about by faults in the fuses and relays.

The light should turn off once the system verifies that it has been fixed.

How to turn off the DRL on Acura MDX

To turn off the DRL, you need to Pull and hold the headlight lever toward you for about 40 seconds, until the indicator flashes twice.

To enable, repeat the process when it is in an off state, for about 30 seconds until the indicator flashes once.

Can DRL be turned off?

While this may not be available for all vehicles, you might find a DRL OFF setting. This can be activated by twisting the headlight control knob. However, remember that DRL are a critical safety feature.

What’s the purpose of a DRL module?

The work of the DRL module is to automatically turn on your daytime running lights. These are the lights that makes you visible in low visibility environments, such as snow and fog.

The DRLs are not as bright as your headlights.

How long do DRL lights last?

This depends on what they are made of.

Typically, LED lights last the longest, at about 3000 hours. High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps last about 2000 hours, and halogen lamps have a lifetime of about 1000 hours.

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