Pritty Vishy Opens Up on Culture Shock after Moving From Kibera Slums to Middle-class Estate

May 27, 2022

I think it’s safe to say Pritty Vishy is moving up in life since she became internet famous a little over a year ago.

As a result of her love affair with singer Stevo Simple Boy, coupled with her TikTok content, Vishy now boasts over 29k subscribers on YouTube and over 1.2 million views.

On top of that, the content creator’s bride price has also gone up, with interested suitors required to part with nothing less than Sh2 million.

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Another big change in the lass’ life is her neighborhood; she has managed to move from her shack in the sprawling slums of Kibra to a middle-class estate.

Speaking to fellow YouTuber Eve Mungai, Prityy Vishy said her mother helped her move out.

“Mum had so many insecurities so she organised me moving out because of my hectic schedule. We would get out of home in the morning and come back at 9 or 10 and you know how Kibera is very dangerous,” she said.

The move from Kibra however came with a culture shock for the brand ambassador of the apparel brand, Shop Tunga Tunga.

Siku ya kuanza kuhamia huku ilikua tricky coz sijazoea environment, nimzeoa pale kuna dunda dunda nimezoea pale kuna watu wengi. Huku venye nilikuja nika notice unakutana na mtu mmoja mmoja, wawili kwa barabara. Kibera unakutana na squad hadi unaogopa but I was used to it since nikue mdogo mamangu amelelewa Kibera, mimi nimelelewa Kibera so I was used to it.

(The first time I moved here it was tricky because I’m not used to this kind of environment. I was used to noise and a lot of people. Here, I noticed I was bumping into one or two people on the road. In Kibera there were always groups of people on the road, which was scary but I was used to it since I was born and raised there. My mother too was raised in Kibera)

Vishy also had to come to terms with the high cost of living in her new neighborhood, which we cannot reveal for security purposes.

“What worries me here is that a cup of githeri is forty shillings and three potatoes is 50 bob. I was almost shocked but I told myself to relax and behave I am not used to that I swear,” she said.

Vishy also said after becoming internet famous, she was being exploited in Kibera by traders who thought she was rich.

Watu wa mtaa walikua wanajua nko na pesa. So ikafika mahali it was never safe for me. Coz ata nkienda hivi kununua kitu imagine hii kitu najua ni pesa fulani lakini ntapandishiwa you can imagine.”

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