Why My Bride Price is Sh2m, No Cows Please – Stivo Simple Boy’s Ex, Pritty Vishy

May 12, 2022

Content creator Pritty Vishy knows her worth, and it is upwards of Sh2 million for anyone who wants to marry her.

Speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Vishy said since she became internet famous less than a year ago, her net worth has gone up.

The former girlfriend of musician Stivo Simple Boy also insisted she is not interested in cows as part of her bride price.

According to Vishy, getting a cow as dowry means her mother would be trading one cow for another. She advised her suitors to use the money to buy her a car instead.

“My dowry is two million na mtu asijaribu kuniletea ngomb’e, eeh, sitaki ngombe inaletwa ati nasukuma…. sijui, mimi ni two million and that’s it, na kama mtu anataka kuleta ngombe, basi hiyo pesa ununue gari,” Vishy said.

“Sitaki mama yangu apelekewe ngombe, juu inamaanisha, watakuwa wanachua ngombe, wakipeleka ngombe ingine,” said the popular TikToker.

Vishy further justified her price tag, saying it’s not high given that she brings more to the table.

She said she is a good cook and she has gifted hands as far as massages are concerned.

“As long as you know your worth, you set your standards, imagine sio pesa mingi… qualities zangu ni mzito mzito, hata mimi mwenyewe ni mzito.

“Najua kupika, najua kukanda…. vitu mingi nikianza kutaja hapa sitamaliza,” she claimed.

Vishy said interested suitors should be wealthy, respectful, and God-fearing.

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