Dr Ofweneke’s Ex Nicah Hints Comedian Might Be a Deadbeat Dad

May 18, 2017

Gospel singer Veronica Wanja aka Nicah The Queen has hinted that Dr Ofweneke might not be fulfilling his fatherly duties since the couple split.

The showbiz couple parted ways in September last year due to irreconcilable differences – just three months after Dr Ofweneke proposed.

According to the singer and mother of two, Dr Ofweneke was physically abusive.

Comedian Dr Ofweneke and Gospel Singer Split Amid Domestic Violence Allegations

On life after the bitter split, Nicah revealed the comedian did not send her a Mother’s Day message last Sunday.

She added that she has been coping well financially.

“It’s not hard, God has been providing for us. Apart from music, I have my businesses that I’m doing, you know you can’t depend on music,” said Nicah.

Aked if Ofweneke supports his daughter, she giggled and said: “Let me not answer that. Can’t talk about it. But just know that I’m the one paying the bills, I think that’s enough.”

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