Mungai Eve Robbed of Valuables Worth Sh200,000 from Kilimani Airbnb Apartment

November 23, 2023

Famous Kenyan YouTuber Mungai Eve is counting losses after her Airbnb property located in Kilimani was burglarized.

On November 10, the content creator shared video footage capturing the perpetrators, a male and a female, leaving the apartment with big briefcases.

However, in a recent video on her YouTube channel, Mungai dispelled misconceptions that the robbery took place in her primary residence.

“People thought that we were robbed at the place where we live but that was not the case. Most of you misunderstood the information; we were robbed in one of the apartments we run as an Airbnb,” she explained.

The YouTuber said the burglars had posed as clients seeking a one-night stay on the pretext of catching a flight the following day.

“Somebody who is an agent, who has been giving me clients, called and informed me about a client who was going to spend only a night. Usually, I never accept one-night clients, but since I knew the agent and the cleaners were coming the following day, I allowed them. That Wednesday night they came with the suitcases and packed off,” she recounted.

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In a disheartening turn of events, the morning after the guests’ departure, Mungai received a call from a friend who also served as an agent. This friend, curious about activities in the house, sent a video.

“I was so shocked. In my entire life, I have never been that shattered!” Mungai shared.

The house was in disarray, with belongings scattered everywhere. She mentioned that she lost valuables worth over Sh200,000, although she has since been able to replace most of the items.

Mungai Eve also reported the burglary to the police, hoping for a swift resolution to bring the culprits to justice.

Expressing her emotional connection to the property, she stated, “This house was my very first project.”

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