Dr. Ofweneke: “Some of you are poor because you had sex with poor people”

November 30, 2023

Renowned comedian and radio host Dr. Ofweneke, born Sande Bush, has counseled men to avoid dating financially challenged women, emphasizing that such women might not reciprocate if the roles were reversed.

During a discussion on Radio47, Dr. Ofweneke clarified that this advice doesn’t justify men taking advantage of women for their financial resources.

Men, stop dating broke women because they will never date you if you were broke. I am not saying you go for women’s money,” he explained.

Dr Ofweneke further asserted that certain men have experienced financial hardships as a result of their relationships with specific women.

The TV personality suggested that some men, originally destined for success, veered off course after engaging intimately with the wrong women, some of whom he claimed are affected by curses and witchcraft spells.

“One thing that people do not understand is that money attracts money and wealth attracts wealth. On the same level, poverty attracts poverty. Some of you are poor because you had sex with poor people,” he claimed.

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In a previous broadcast, Dr. Ofweneke offered advice to men, cautioning them to be wary of women with unresolved issues from previous relationships who frequently draw comparisons between partners.

He encouraged men to make conscious decisions to end relationships with such women and instead pursue healthier connections with more compatible partners.

“There is that dating to test your past partner. The woman has not moved on. She is dating you to threaten the past partner that she can move on, but truth be told, she has not moved on. Men, if your woman is still having issues with her ex and frequently compares him to you, leave them alone,” Dr. Ofweneke said.

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