Pierra Makena Celebrates as Daughter Lands Movie Deal

November 30, 2023

DJ Pierra Makena could not contain her excitement and pride in her daughter, Ricca Pokot, who is carving her own path in the entertainment industry.

Unlike her mother, Ricca is not pursuing deejaying; instead, she is making her mark in the field of acting and has successfully landed her inaugural role.

An overjoyed Pierra shared her delight at her daughter’s foray into acting in an Instagram post on Tuesday, November 28.

“My moment of tears of joy. Ricca’s first movie deal and I am so proud of her. …. I can’t express how grateful I am to the casting team and the directors/producers for seeing the talent in my little girl…” the 42-year-old wrote.

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In a video, Pierra bid farewell to her daughter, who would be away for four days for the movie shoot. She further disclosed that Ricca will be sharing the screen with the award-winning actress Jackie Vike.

“She is away from me on set for 4 days and I don’t even know how I feel…. Also knowing she is acting alongside @jackyvike I’m a bit relaxed ☺️ #congratulations my baby,” Pierra wrote.


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