Nicah the Queen on celibacy: ‘Beware of sexually transmitted poverty, depression, old age …’

April 26, 2023

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen has expounded on her recent revelation that she has been celibate for two years.

This despite being engaged to be married to DJ Slahver( born Slahver Lwangu Kinangoi).

Speaking on Kiss FM, Nicah said they used to get intimate until two years ago when they agreed to keep themselves “pure” for marriage.

According to Nicah, sex is spiritual, and if one is not careful, one can contract’ spirits’ like ‘sexually transmitted poverty’.

“There is sexually transmitted poverty, depression, old age and so on. If you are not married keep yourself pure for three months and see the changes that will come after that,” she advised.

Nicah, who stars in the new Christian reality TV series ‘Oh Sister‘, also spoke about a recent breakup with Slahver. She said it inspired her new song, Achana Nao.

“When I wrote this song, Slahver and I were not okay and there was a lot of noise everywhere people giving me all advises to leave him and so on… And after that, I did the song just to tell people to stop involving themselves in people’s relationships,” she told presenter Kwambox.

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