What Azziad Told Akothee About her Relationship with CS Ababu

August 29, 2023

Akothee has joined the conversation surrounding the recent buzz regarding the rumored romantic involvement between Ababu Namwamba, the Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports, and the Arts, and the well-known TikTok dancer Azziad Nasenya.

In a rousing post on social media Monday, the rabble-rouser lept to Azziad’s defense noting that if two individuals are interested in each other and are unattached, there shouldn’t be any cause for concern.

“Well I just feel like causing trouble before I leave Kenya. Let me ask one question
1. Is Azziad not over 18?
2. Is she not a woman enough to date ?
3. Is The CS Ababu.a not A man enough ? A luhya African Man for that sake ( you know what I mean ,I mean If he had a wife or whatever he can still do his shit just like Most African men do
4. Azziad has never declared to be anyone’s wife, She is just but a child, KENYANS, AZZIAD IS A BABY PLEASE 😭😭.
Not your competition,” the singer wrote.

Akothee went on to disclose that she contacted Azziad in the wake of the alleged rumour. The mother of five revealed the conversation they had, in which she encouraged Azziad to date Ababu if their feeling were mutual.

But the TikTok dancer denied any romantic involvement with CS Ababu and told Akothee that she is focused on building her career

“…my words to her, “Mummy, and what is wrong by dating the CS if he is single and ready to mingle, I told her if you like him & He likes you Go for it kwani ni kesho”.

Her words, “No mommy, we have nothing, Currently I am working on my career”.” Akothee wrote.

The businesswoman went on to urge the Kenyan public to redirect its attention towards more urgent matters

“As A mother, I feel Kenyans are becoming too much. This can’t be the daily headline. We have more serious issues to attend to…
I ask Kenyans to be sober, avoid side shows and address the Elephant in the room,” Akothee urged.

In response to Akothee’s post, Azziad expressed her appreciation to the singer.

“Thanks mom and safe trip😍May God keep fighting my battles for me❤️💪🏽,” Azziad wrote.

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