Willis Raburu Lands Job as Sakaja’s Communications Director

July 19, 2023

Former Citizen TV presenter, Willis Raburu, has disclosed that he has secured a job in the Nairobi County governor’s office, working under Johnson Sakaja.

During an interview on Phil Director’s podcast on Monday, Raburu briefly discussed his position in the governor’s office.

Noting that he is a strategist and consultant, Raburu said his role would encompass working on diverse projects for the governor’s benefit as well as collaborating with other companies.

“There are so many things that I think I do. I am strategist, consultant and so, I am doing some things here and there for our good governor and other companies,” Raburu said.

Although he did not disclose his specific position at City Hall, sources indicate Sakaja will serve as Governor Sakaja’s communications director.

The journalist is expected to lead a team comprising talented professionals specializing in communication, marketing, and design.

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