What Bien Said About Chiki Kuruka Chasing Female Fan For Grinding on Him

February 2, 2023

Over the weekend, Kenyans were treated to some drama from an unlikely source: dancer extraordinaire Chiki Kuruka.

On Saturday, January 28, 2023, Chiki’s husband and Sauti Sol’s boy band leader Bien Baraza, held a one-man show in Nairobi, where the drama was served.

Chiki, of course, was in attendance, not just as Bien’s wife but as his manager.

Before Bien could step out on stage, an overenthusiastic fangirl accosted him on the stairs leading to the main podium and started grinding on him, buttocks to buttocks, which could well have sparked a sexual harassment storm if the genders were reversed.

Chiki Kuruka stepped in almost immediately and chased away the groupie after ignoring a cue from Bien not to confront the fan.

A video of the incident was conveniently caught on video and shared online, where it spread like wildfire.

Commenting on one of the gossip pages that shared the video, Bien simply wrote: “Haitaki Hasira.”

He later spoke to Milele FM and explained that Chiki was not being a jealous, overprotective wife,

“Chiki was just working. She is my manager so she acted in her capacity as a manager. Don’t look at that incident and see it as my wife being extra. She was my manager at that point,” the ‘Inauma’ hitmaker said.

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Bien said one of Chiki’s jobs as his manager is to make sure he is not distracted before he gets on stage.

“She was supposed to make sure that I had no distractions before I went on stage. I had to be focused and that girl was a distraction, so I moved in front politely and Chiki and the security handled the girl,” he said.

Of course, Bien like most performing artistes around the world has a pre-show ritual he follows before hitting the stage.

In a past interview, Bien said he likes to self-isolate as he meditates on the upcoming show. In fact, he stays in a different hotel room from Chiki.

She gets her room as my manager and I get a separate one booked for me like a G and I do my own things in my own room. When I am performing and I have a show, I normally stay in my hotel room alone. I don’t even have music inside there. I usually prefer being by myself as I meditate on the upcoming show,” he said in August last year.

This could perhaps explain why Chiki felt the need to protect her client from the distraction of an unsolicited booty-to-booty rub.

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