Pay Me Well Even If I’m Kienyeji: Pritty Vishy Releases Rate Card

November 10, 2022

Content creator Pritty Vishy has called out advertisers who take advantage of influencers by offering freebies instead of remuneration.

She gave an example of a restaurant offering free food and drinks.

“I mean people are so funny… You meet a business person that wants an influencer and they are like examples ‘Come to my restaurant you advertise my hotel or something then we will give you food and drinks…'” Vishy ranted.

She said it was disrespectful as it implies that she can not feed herself.

“Like yoooh kwani umeskia huwa nalala njaa… convert that food and drink to money and pay me off!” she blasted.

Vishy went on to note that just because she’s ‘Kienyeji’ doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be getting her money’s worth for her influencing services.

“It doesn’t matter if we or I came to the industry as a socialite or kienyeji both parts needs consistency and maintenance…Don’t play with people’s brands ata kama ni ya kienyeji bora it can sell you out there.” she said.

Pritty Vishy went on to disclose her rate card for November. The 21-year-old TikToker will be charging Ksh100,000 for club hosting within Nairobi while brand endorsements are going for Ksh300,000.

For birthday parties and graduations, Pritty Vishy is charging Ksh80,000 while advertisement videos will cost advertisers Ksh75,000.

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