“Check Your Husbands’ Phones!” Kenyan Women Told

November 10, 2022

Popular TikTok creator Mummie Francie has advised Kenyan women to snoop on their husband’s mobile phones.

The TikToker was responding to another TikToker who advised women to avoid checking their men’s phones to avoid getting high blood pressure.

But according to Mummie Francie, it is better to die of blood pressure than a sexually transmitted disease.

“Zoea kujipima pressure. Ladies, check your husbands’ phones. It’s your choice to die from heartbreak, gonorrhea, or HIV. How should it be that you end up giving birth to children who have HIV because you were afraid to check your husband’s phone? Check that phone, then decide what should kill you,” she said.

Mummie Francie reasoned that one can easily buy medication to curb high blood pressure, unlike contracting STDs.

“Pima pressure na uchukuwe hiyo simu, kwani pesa za pressure ni pesa ngapi? Heri ukufe na pressure kuliko ukimwi ama gonorrhea. Check that phone and cry,” she advised.

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