Pastor JJ Warns Gospel Singers, ‘You Are Provoking the Devil’

November 8, 2022

Popular city preacher, Bishop JJ Gitahi, has cautioned gospel singers in the country against too much social media use.

The preacher noted that some gospel stars share too much information about their private lives on social media.

Bishop JJ advised that instead of using social media to engage in pointless conversations with strangers, gospel celebrities should use it responsibly.

According to the clergyman, sharing too much on social media is provoking the devil.

This comes after several gospel singers were exposed online in recent weeks, including Mary Lincon, whose nude photos were leaked online.

“You post everything on Facebook, when someone hurts you, you post, when you give birth, you post,” pastor JJ said.

“You are giving yourselves to the devil by exposing your lives too much. You are doing much damage to yourselves. You are provoking unnecessary jealousy,” he added.

Bishop JJ, who doubles up as a singer, described social media spaces as a world of ghosts.

“You don’t even know each other but your fans know every detail about you,” he said.

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