Maureen Waititu Opens Up on Attempting Suicide Thrice

October 12, 2022

Social media personality Maureen Waititu has revisited a dark period in her life in the aftermath of her highly publicized break-up with Frankie Kiarie.

The lawyer said the social media reaction to the breakup took a heavy toll on her mental health and almost drove her into taking her own life.

“The internet trolled me very badly. I was the topic of discussion almost everywhere for months on end and I was losing it behind closed doors,” she said.

The influencer said she could not get out of bed, eat well or sleep properly for weeks.

“I started getting heart palpitations, light-headed and very distracted. I remember twice in a mall, I parked my car and left the door wide open just to come back and find concerned security guards next to my car,” she said.

Maureen said what followed was a loss of interest in things she loved doing. She said she sunk into a dark hole she couldn’t get herself out of.

That was when she started having suicidal ideations.

“The thoughts were so persistent that I attempted to end my life three different times,” she said.

Adding: “Thankfully, at this point, I had been recommended to a very good psychiatrist who I still see even today.”

The mother of two was speaking during the Girl Generation Festival held in Athi River on Monday. The festival champions the mental health and well-being of girls and women as a global priority.

Waititu advised that the first step towards mental health wellness is acknowledging that one needs help.

“It’s okay to seek help. I have never looked back since then. Even though I have had lapses in my mental health since then, it has gotten better,” she said.

Waititu said she was under anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication for two years before she stopped taking them.

“I started off with very heavy anti-depressants which would put me out at night and keep me awake during the day. For two years, I was basically operating like a robot,” she said.

“If people tell you otherwise about medication, trust your physician. Take care of your health whatever it takes because no one has got you like you have got you,” Waititu added.

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