Amira, the estranged wife of businessman Jamal Roho Safi, has been hospitalized in Dubai.

The businesswoman on Tuesday, September 20, put out a post on social media that reads, “Man Down”. She captioned it: “BE BACK SOON 🙏🏼”

Amira also shared video of herself being wheeled into the Orthopedics and Spine Surgery, Orthotics, Rheumatology wing of a hospital in Dubai.

Nairobi Wire understands that Amira suffered a pinched nerve forcing her to cut short her vacation. She had been to Diani, Istanbul and Dubai before she suffered the injury on her leg.

“It’s unfortunate that I had to cut off my trip. Yesterday(Sunday) I got my nerve pinched on my left leg. This is caused by a herniated disc which I developed years ago. I’m experiencing extreme pain and numbness in my left leg. I can’t walk or even sit down for now but once I’m home, I’ll start with my physiotherapy. We fall but we rise again Inshallah,” Amira said.