How Much Huddah Charges To Chill For 30 Minutes

August 11, 2022

Social media personality Huddah Monroe doesn’t come cheap, that much we know.

In addition to charging $14.99(Ksh1,700) for a monthly subscription on OnlyFans, Huddah commands huge figures to make club appearances.

The same applies to individuals looking to hang out with the influencer as revealed by Huddah herself, who says she charges top dollar to separate the wheat from the chaff.

“People ask me why I don’t go out and chill l unless it’s important or business. Coz especially here in Dubai too many small boys are acting rich lol. All they wanna chill with you for is to sneak a picture to show later to get p@ssy coz their girls will believe they f*cked you coz of a blurry sneaked photo. So instead of wasting my energy, I’m home boo,” wrote the cosmetics entrepreneur.

Huddah went on to reveal how much one would have to part with to smoke shisha with her for 30 minutes.

Chilling with me for even shisha is 300$ (Ksh 357, 900)30 min maximum. That’s how I filter these riff raffs, coz I know the agenda firsthand,” she said.

Huddah at the same time called out Nigerian men in Dubai saying she despises them.

“Even when a guy invites you out for a drink they’ll say they f*cked you when they didn’t. Esp 90% of Naija men in Dubai. I despise them,” she wrote on InstaStories.

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