Come Back With Better Offers! Huddah Reveals How Much She Charges

December 16, 2021

With the festive season coming thick and fast, Huddah has moved to “secure the bag” with a statement about how much she charges to make a club appearance.

Taking to Instagram, Huddah responded to a proposal she received to make a club appearance at a new club in Kilimani.

She shared a screengrab of the email she received from the club and wrote: “Reading my emails late night…just letting you all know, All my club appearances are $10,000 before it used to be $5000 for 2 hours.”

“Thanks for asking,” she added.

To prove that she is worth the amount she’s asking for, Huddah shared multiple clips of some of her past club appearances.

She went on to brag that, “I am always ahead of time, lol. Before videos became popular I was within already. And my team is even better now. It costs money to shoot videos and look good.”

“I use my own photographers and video guys…Their work mindset is in 2050…imagine what ideas we have now in 2021? We are in 2050.”

Huddah also announced that she makes restaurant appearances for two hours and club appearances for three hours.

“Someone asked $10,000 for how long! Lol! 3 hours max! If it’s lit of course I’m not leaving until 10 am. That’s the discount,” Huddah wrote.

She also spruced up her CV as she mentioned that her first club appearance was in Las Vegas with Sean Paul and Wizkid.

I sell out clubs, $10,000 will make you $150,000 that night,” Huddah said, further asking interested parties to make better offers.

“You make quadruple when I hit your spot. Hit me with better offers tomorrow.”

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