Diamond Now Buys a Chopper

August 11, 2022

Fresh from earning a cool Ksh11.9 million for a 10-minute performance in Nairobi, Bongo superstar Diamond Platnumz is evidently flying high.

The 32-year-old hitmaker has just bought himself a helicopter, at least according to him.

Diamond announced his newest luxurious acquisition on social media on Wednesday, August 10.

Without revealing much detail about the chopper, the ‘Somebody’ crooner wrote on InstaStories: “God is good, I bought me a helicopter.”

Diamond appears to have taken his superstar brand a notch higher this year as he targets airplanes.

Known for having a penchant for the finer things in life, Diamond last year focussed on acquiring high-end vehicles, one of which was his dream car, a Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge 2021 with an estimated value of Ksh60 million.

And just last month, the WCB Wasafi announced he had finally bought a private jet after months of talking about it.

In an interview with German broadcaster DW Africa recently, Diamond admitted he splashes big bucks on luxury to look the part.

“Especially for someone like me who came from the streets,  sometimes I feel like buying a car worth like $1,000,000. What for? You have to do that, if not they will never value you, someone else will look like he is the real deal and you are not. In fact, I have just bought a private jet because I keep upgrading,” he said.

If he is to be believed, it’s only a matter of time now before Diamond Platnumz shows off his new toys. Keep it Nairobi Wire as we keep an eye out for you.

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