How To Become a Copia Agent in Kenya

June 10, 2022

How to become a Copia agent in Kenya

Copia is an online retail enterprise that was founded in 2013 by Americans Tracey Turner and Jonathan Lewis, natives of Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay, United States.

Through their e-commerce website, they leverage the power of mobile commerce to Africans with middle and low incomes by linking them to global consumer brands and products and providing them with affordable logistics that beats the hindrance of proximity from developed areas.

Copia has spread its wings to the neighboring country of Uganda, and customers in both countries can order a variety of goods from the platform and get them delivered conveniently in 2 to 4 days after making the order.

It serves customers through three main channels: agent shops, USSD service *874#, and its website, with all payment options like; the use of mobile money to service the unbanked and those without internet access.

The company also offers residents a source of income through direct employment or by becoming Copia agents. It has over 30,000 agents who serve at delivery points plus 600 employees. How can you make money on Copia?

This piece will guide you on the steps to earn from Copia and how to become a Copia agent in Kenya.

Can you sell on Copia Kenya?

Unfortunately, no. Copia deals directly with product producers to ensure high-quality merchandises reach the consumers. However, you can be a Copia agent and earn commissions by selling their products.

How to become a Copia agent in Kenya

Copia agents operate delivery points that are located in Nairobi, Central, Eastern, Western, Nyanza, Rift Valley, and Coastal Regions. It operates from its 4,000sq meters warehouse in Tatu City, Ruiru, with over 25,000 delivery points across the seven regions in addition to 80 delivery vehicles.

How much do Copia agents earn in Kenya?

Some of the roles of Copia agents are to guide customers on how to make orders, deliver the goods to them, and educate them on matters pertaining to Copia. To become a Copia agent, you must meet these requirements:

* You must have a valid email address
* Operate a business premise within Copia logistics reach
* Have a national ID
* Have an active phone number

How do you become a Copia agent in Kenya? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the Copia affiliate agent program and earn significant commissions after each sale.

1. Call Copia on telephone number: 0709 339 000

2. A representative will guide you on the registration process.

3. Among the details required include: name, gender, phone number, and occupation in the assigned sections etc.

How much do Copia agents earn in Kenya?

Copia agents earn up to Ksh20,000 per month or more, depending on the number of sales they make. They can make extra cash for every successful order they make for a customer.

How does Copia operate?

Copia is an online marketplace for buyers looking for goods ranging from foodstuffs, cosmetics, electronics, stationaries, and construction materials, among others. It has partnered with many manufacturers where they get the goods at a cheaper price and sell them affordably to consumers.

How does Copia operate in kenya?

Customers make orders from their website, USSD service (*874#), or from Copia agent’s shops, after which they are delivered by its distribution chain to your nearest agent for free. However, products heavier than 167kg or longer than 1 meter is treated as home delivery and charged a fee of Ksh500 per order.

Copia delivery and customer care teams track every order to ensure the products have been delivered to the consumers at the stipulated time. Also, after making an order, they communicate where to collect the goods bought.

How does Copia make money?

Copia mainly makes its profits from first-party sales. When a customer purchases a product from them, it adds directly to their gains because it bars sellers’ listings on their website. The other revenue line is through logistics when customers make orders of goods exceeding 167kg or 1 meter as customers have to pay a Ksh500 delivery fee to cover for each order exceeding the limits.

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