How Much Does it Cost To Buy an Mpesa Line

June 6, 2022

How Much Does it Cost To Buy an Mpesa Line

Do you want to become a Safaricom Mpesa agent in Kenya? It is a profitable business where you earn commissions after customers make withdrawals or even purchase airtime through you.

Mpesa agents make a lot of money these days as many people adopt Mpesa as a method to do away with cash as it is easier to check on transaction history and track spending when using the cashless mode. This article highlights the cost, requirements and how to be a Mpesa agent in Kenya.

How much does it cost to buy an Mpesa line?

You have two options; you can either buy standard Mpesa lines directly from Safaricom shops or purchase aggregated Mpesa lines from a certified Safaricom dealer. Standard Mpesa lines are usually expensive and cost Ksh300,000, while aggregated lines trade between Ksh10,000 to Ksh15,000.

Mpesa agent requirements

Mpesa agents’ requirements are categorised on the types; super-agents and sub-dealers. Mpesa super agents must be registered as a limited company and have operated for not less than six months. Their proposed outlets shall be audited prior to commencement of business, and only areas of opportunities shall be considered.

Super agents must have atleast three Mpesa outlets and must pay the Ksh300,000 Mpesa agent registration fees in the following amounts: Ksh100,000 per outlet for float, Ksh100,000 for SIMEX (SIM replacement cards) and Ksh100,000 per outlet for additional outlets for float.

Other technical requirements are:

* 1 Computer and ancillary equipment approved by Safaricom. At least 512 MB with Windows 2000.
* At least 2 people to handle head office operations on a day to day basis (may not be on a full-time basis).
* Internet connectivity with connection speeds acceptable to Safaricom.
* 1 printer for printing downloaded reports.
* Any other items/equipment necessary to conduct the business like desks chairs, stationery, pens and a pay point.
* A telephone line, either landline or mobile for contact.
* An official E‐mail contact.
* An ETR Machine.

Mpesa sub-dealers are those that acquire aggregated Mpesa lines from licensed dealers at a slightly lower cost. To get an aggregated Mpesa line, you must meet the following requirements:

* Must have a police clearance certificate
* Pay Ksh10,000 to Ksh15,000 as the purchase price
* Have a Mpesa branded shop
* Must have a business permit
* Be a holder of a national ID
* Deposit a minimum float of Ksh20,000

How to register for an Mpesa line

Becoming a Mpesa agent can 40 working days when you have the required documentation and the capital to venture into the lucrative business. To register a Mpesa agent line for yourself, simply visit the following steps:

1. Visit a Safaricom office
2. Present the following documents, which should be verified by the Commissioner of Oaths;

* Certificate of incorporation
* Form CR12 or an equivalent form valid for the last 3 months
* Copies of IDS of Office Administrators and Primary Assistants as indicated in the application forms
* Completed agent application forms

3. Submit your original identification documents for verification
4. Pay the subscription fee
5. You will get the Mpesa agent line after 40 business days after all the processes are complete

How Much Does it Cost To Buy an Mpesa Line

How much do you need to start an Mpesa business in Kenya?

To start a Mpesa agent shop as a super dealer, you need around Ksh500,000 to carter for enrolment fee, labour and equipment costs, while becoming a Mpesa sub-dealer will cost you around Ksh70,000 for a float charge, rent and labour cost.

How much commission to Mpesa agents make?

Safaricom has pushed the lead in 2022 through commission hikes to see an increment in the honorarium offered to the Mpesa agents. Deposit commissions were increased from 12% to 17%, and also lower scales of transaction bands were introduced to facilitate financial inclusion for all the social classes that use the leading mobile money service in Kenya, which has over 30 million active monthly users.

Mpesa agents get varying commissions on deposits and withdrawals.

How Much Does it Cost To Buy an Mpesa Line

What are the Mpesa agents’ commission for deposit 2022?

Customer’s deposit amount Commission
Ksh50 – Ksh100 Ksh4
Ksh101 – Ksh510 Ksh8
Ksh511 – Ksh1,010 Ksh9
Ksh1,011 – Ksh1,510 Ksh10
Ksh1,511 – Ksh2,510 Ksh11
Ksh2,511 – Ksh3,510 Ksh12
Ksh3,511 – Ksh5,010 Ksh14
Ksh5,011 – Ksh7,510 Ksh20
Ksh7,511 – Ksh10,010 Ksh28
Ksh10,011 – Ksh15,010 Ksh40
Ksh15,011 – Ksh20,020 Ksh55
Ksh20,021 – Ksh25,020 Ksh71
Ksh25,021- Ksh30,020 Ksh87
Ksh30,021 – Ksh35,020 Ksh103
Ksh35,021 – Ksh40,020 Ksh119
Ksh40,021 – Ksh45,020 Ksh135
Ksh45,021- Ksh50,020 Ksh150
Ksh50,021 – Ksh70,000 Ksh190
Ksh70,001- Ksh150,000 Ksh190

What are the Mpesa agents’ commission for withdrawals 2022?

Customer’s withdrawal amount ​​Commissions

(Registered Customers)


(Unregistered Customers)

Ksh10 – Ksh49 N/A N/A
Ksh50 – Ksh100 Ksh5 N/A
Ksh101 – Ksh500 Ksh8 Ksh8
Ksh501 – Ksh1,000 Ksh10 Ksh10
Ksh1,001 – Ksh1,500 Ksh12 Ksh12
Ksh1,501 – Ksh2,500 Ksh15 Ksh15
Ksh2,501 – Ksh3,500 Ksh20 Ksh20
Ksh3,501 – Ksh5,000 Ksh25 Ksh25
Ksh5,001 – Ksh7,500 Ksh30 Ksh30
Ksh7,501 – Ksh10,000 Ksh35 Ksh35
Ksh10,001 – Ksh15,000 Ksh45 Ksh45
Ksh15,001 – Ksh20,000 Ksh60 Ksh60
Ksh20,001 – Ksh25,000 Ksh65 Ksh65
Ksh25,001 – Ksh30,000 Ksh70 Ksh70
Ksh30,001 – Ksh35,000 Ksh70 Ksh70
Ksh35,001 – Ksh40,000 Ksh100 N/A
Ksh40,001 – Ksh45,000 Ksh150 N/A
Ksh45,001 – Ksh50,000 Ksh180 N/A
Ksh50,001- Ksh150,000 Ksh200 N/A

Mpesa commissions are paid by Safaricom PLC each month. The money is deposited directly to the holder’s account, and they can withdraw it at a Withholding Tax (WHT) of less than 5% or keep it as a Mpesa float.

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