New Mum Nadia Mukami Opens Up on Strange Cravings, Weight Gain, Mental Health

May 26, 2022

Nadia Mukami has opened up about her experience as a new mum two months after she delivered a bouncing baby boy.

In a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram, Nadia answered questions about her cravings during pregnancy, gaining weight, breastfeeding, and her mental health.

When asked what she craved the most during her pregnancy, Nadia said: “Mkate na maziwa. I won’t mention the specific brands for obvious reasons but I had specific brands na harufu ya mbuzi. Up to date nachukia nyama ya ngombe sana.”

Nadia noted she has been having a wonderful time raising baby Haseeb Kai but it has not been without its challenges.

She revealed she has added about 8 kilos, a sacrifice she has had to make to ensure baby Haseeb gets sufficient breast milk.

“I had never been heavier than 55 kgs but now I am 63 kgs because I am breastfeeding exclusively so I have to eat a lot every now and then. It is a sacrifice because I don’t want to lack milk.

Breastfeeding is work. It’s not as easy as it seems. Actually, you gain more weight during breastfeeding than during pregnancy,” Nadia said.

Regarding her postpartum mental health, the ‘Radio Love’ hitmaker admitted she had doubts about being a good mum.

I have tried to protect it(mental health) so much! Sometimes I was overwhelmed and wondered if I am a good mom but I accepted help as a new mum to keep my sanity. If you get help from friends and family don’t hesitate.”

Nadia also noted that being a celebrity mum, a lot of people have been offering their opinions on how she should raise her baby.

Regarding music, Nadia promised to drop a new music video on Friday, She also has an upcoming concert in Meru in June.

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