Neomi Ng’ang’a: Things to Consider Before Calling a Woman Fat

May 26, 2022

Neomi Ng’ang’a has condemned fat-shaming, urging people to be more considerate of plus-size women.

The plus-size designer and model noted there’s a misconception that all women add weight by eating a lot. Neomi explained there are many underlying conditions that cause people to gain weight.

“There are perceptions about plus-size women. People think that you are overeating or you are doing nothing about your body,” Neomi said.

“There are many reasons why women add weight. So stop body-shaming them,” she said.

The actress mentioned a friend who told her that her husband used to spray her with doom because he felt like she was smelling.

Neomi said one reason women add weight is due to fertility issues.

“People need to know other people’s background stories. There are women who are big because they are using a fertility drug since they cannot bear children.”

The ‘Style by Neomi’ founder said other reasons include marital stress, depression, and careers.

“Before you call a person fat, please make sure you understand what they are going through. People need to know that our life is a journey and women evolve each and every time,” she said.

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