Rufftone Asks for Forgiveness After Lying About Daddy Owen Machete Attack

January 28, 2022

Veteran gospel singer Rufftone has learnt the hard way that discussing politics on live TV is not a walk in the park.

The singer made some sensational claims against his brother Daddy Owen during an interview on NTV Tuesday night. He claimed his younger brother nearly attacked him with a machete following a political disagreement in 2007.

After coming under fire from internet users, Rufftone now says he was misunderstood.

The Nairobi Senator aspirant claims he was caught up in the heat of the moment and in a bid to prove a point he dragged Daddy Owen into the discussion about hooliganism among supporters of the ODM party.

“There was too much pressure on the show. It was an illustration that spun out of control,” he told Citizen Digital.

Rufftone further explained: “What I meant by bringing in Daddy Owen was to make Kenyans realize that politics can infiltrate in between families and that is why I used the family example because it is what Kenyans understand best.”

The singer argued that he mentioned a machete to symbolize the anger Daddy Owen had at the time.

“When I said the machete I mean he went really sad and was very hurt. We are a peace-loving family,” said the singer.

Rufftone apologised to Kenyans terming his remarks as unfortunate.

“I’m sorry for what I said. I take full responsibility, it was quite unfortunate. As a newbie in the political arena, the comments I made were my first national political platform on TV, so I ask Kenyans to forgive me,” he said.

Adding: “I’ve realized there is a difference between talking and communicating because I thought the understanding I had within me when saying that is what people would get, too.”

Meanwhile, Daddy Owen spoke about Rufftone’s slip up, confirming he never tried to attack him.

“I was very passionate about politics in 2007 and when ODM lost I was so disappointed but what I know is I never carried a panga and have never been violent because of politics.

“I think my brother was under pressure at that moment and had to use an illustration using my name,” Owen said.

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