10 Things That Turn Michelle Ntalami On…No. 2 Will Shock You

September 17, 2021

Wealth and masculinity are among the things that make Michelle Ntalami want to jump someone’s bones.

The Marini Naturals founder revealed what turns on during a Q&A session with her followers on Instagram.

She listed 10 qualities that include: “Loyalty, masculinity, dominance, power, depth, wealth, intelligence, kindness, humor, and eye contact if there’s attraction. Jesus!” Ntalami wrote.

Of the ten qualities, masculinity stands out after she was recently rumored to be dating the openly gay Makena Njeri.

Earlier this year, Ntalami also shut down lesbian rumors after a fan asked her about her preference.

“Do you get attention from both men and women, and if so, who do you prefer?” the fan asked at the time.

Michelle Ntalami responded: “Hahaha ? This question cracked me up. Attention from both men and women, yes. What do I prefer? Men. Case closed.”

In the recent Q&A, the popular social media personality also revealed the qualities she looks for in a marriage partner.

“Love, loyalty, attraction, kindness, humor, intelligence, and a healthy fear of God are extremely difficult qualities to find in one person especially today. But rest assured when I do find this in one, imma make sure they wife me! In a nutshell, it’s God’s planning,” Ntalami responded.

Another of her followers wanted to know about her dealbreakers in relationships.

Michelle replied: “Lack of ambition, a bad heart, lies, and cheating.”

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