Lexxy Yung Cries for Justice after Losing Unborn Child in Hospital

June 9, 2021

Lexxy Yung, one of the former members of the Sailors Gang music group, is in mourning following the untimely demise of his unborn son.

Lexxy, real name Alexander Ikuro, narrated his ordeal in a video posted to his social media page. He said his wife experienced labour pains and was admitted to Limuru Nursing hospital in Limuru town.

“So me and my wife have been so excited and happy and prepared for our 1st child and that day came on 4th of June….my wife was admitted and l was told to go home l come the next day…” said the rapper.

The following day, however, Lexxy was met with the heartbreaking news that the baby was no more.

He said his girlfriend experienced long hours of labour and had to be induced

“A nurse alipashua maji ya wife which I’m not sure inafaa kupashuliwa and in that event akadunga mtoi and my baby boy who has been healthy anacheza nikimuita wa taken away ivo tu…” Lexxy wrote.

The musician is accusing the hospital of negligence saying the facility took away his dream of being a father.

“They couldn’t explain why my wife was in pain. Now the baby is gone, and nobody is assisting me.

“I used to touch her belly and call out my baby’s name and it would move excitedly. This was a grown baby. I have to seek justice because it was their negligence, and soon after realising they had killed my child, they took off. Nobody wanted to help or claim responsibility,” he stated.

“Justice for my son is all am seeking.”


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