Eric Omondi Can’t Wait to Hold Our Baby: Shakilla

June 9, 2021

The rumors that Shakilla is carrying Eric Omondi’s child have resurfaced with the socialite claiming to be several months pregnant.

During a recent exclusive party in a lavish upmarket apartment, Shakilla reportedly said she can’t wait to be a mum.

“Yes, I’m four months pregnant, and I can’t wait,” she reportedly told Standard Entertainment.

The social media personality noted that Eric Omondi is aware of the pregnancy and is excited.

“He is aware and cannot wait to hold the baby in his arms.”

According to Standard, Shakilla was in the company of Eric’s younger brother Fred Omondi, who confirmed the pregnancy.

“Yes, with the baby on the way now, Shakilla will be family forever. Ever since she broke the news, I treat her as such,” Fred said.

Standard further reports that during the exclusive party, Shakilla was only sipping sparkling champagne because ‘of the baby’s safety’.

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