Njugush Recalls Losing First TV Salary to Conman

May 21, 2021

The first salary is usually a special milestone for a lot of people in the adulting phase but not for comedian Timothy Kimani alias Njugush.

The social media sensation had just graduated from university when he got his first acting role on the satirical show, Hapa Kule News on KTN.

“I got my first cheque, which was Ksh30,000. Feeling exuberated, I instantly told my father I wanted to move out,” Njugush narrated in an interview on Cleaning the Airwaves(CTA) Youtube channel.

The funnyman and his wife Celestine Ndinda decided to move into a bedsitter along City Cabanas. Njugush was required to pay a total of Ksh20,000 inclusive of deposit and utility expenses.

“Having not paid rent before, I was naive and easily trusted the landlord. I was confident knowing that I had covered my monthly rent,” Njugush said.

Later that month, he discovered he had been defrauded after the real landlord locked his house for not paying rent. Njugush did not even have a receipt to prove he had paid Sh20,000.

He resorted to finding other ways to raise the money and paid again.

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