Nyota Ndogo: My Husband Wanted Us to Travel the World, not Raise Babies

May 21, 2021

Coast-based singer Mwanaisha Abdalla, famously known as Nyota Ndogo, is ruing pulling a pregnancy prank on her hubby Henning Nielsen, saying it has cost her a marriage.

Recounting the prank she played on April Fool’s Day, Nyota Ndogo said her Danish husband hang up the phone when she told him she was pregnant.

“We used to talk twice a day. So I called him in the morning, I remember he was brushing his teeth. I told him I was pregnant. He said ‘Hmm! What?’ then hung up. I did not say anything else,” the singer recalled.

She said Nielsen said he did not want a sixth child and had plans to relocate to Kenya and travel the world.

“We talked about having children, he said we have five of them, we don’t need another one. By five children, he meant my daughter and son, and his own three children,” she said.

“He then argued that he is an adult, with grandchildren. He said, ‘I want when I retire and come to Kenya, we travel all over the world, and not baby sitting’.”

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The former lovebirds have not communicated for over a month. They had also not seen each other for three months before the prank.

Nyota has since resorted to using social media to beg Nielsen to come back to her. She has also released a new love song dubbed ‘Nikimuona’.

“Ikifikia nitalaka siwezi kushindana nitajua amenichoka sitawai kumuongelea na nitakubali talaka. But for now, hatujafikia hapo. Kutoa nyimbo ni moja wapo ya kuonyesha mapenzi na mybe this song will keep me bizi kuisukuma mybe nitapunguza mawazo. (If he wants a divorce I won’t fight it, I will accept and never talk about him again. But for now, we haven’t thought about divorce. Releasing a new song is a way of showing love and it will keep me busy so I don’t think a lot),” Nyota said.

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