Ex-Tahidi High Actor ‘Kilunda’ Relishing Life in the Village after Relocating to Survive

April 14, 2021

With the coronavirus pandemic now in its second year in Kenya, most industries, if not all, are feeling the effects of the crisis.

One of the sectors currently feeling the pinch is the film industry, with Kenyan actor Ted Kitana among those who have been forced to take drastic measures to survive.

Speaking in an online interview, the former Tahidi High actor, famously known as Teacher Kilunda, said he relocated to the village after Citizen TV abruptly halted the show.

“I can say it proved to be an abrupt decision by the management because we woke up one morning and our services were not needed. So I had to quickly devise ways to survive. The first thing was to relocate to this place (in Kangundo),” he said.

Kitana said he has since adjusted to life in the village and has no plans of returning to Nairobi.

“It took some time to adjust but I have come to love the place. My family is still in Nairobi but the village life is best. Food is fresh, with no pressure. I have no plans of going back to the city unless a job opportunity comes up,” ‘Kilunda’ said.

To make ends meet, Kilunda has started a youtube channel and some businesses in Kang’undo.

“I have a shop. I am planning to open a barbershop and other services that are not available here. I am also available for an acting job as I have not quit the stage. I am open to listening to offers and opportunities.”

Kitana, 43, noted that some of his colleagues and friends in the industry are having it rough.

“Covid-19 is the worst thing that happened to artists because their main source of income was disrupted. Life has changed but I advise them not to give up. Everyone out there was affected and it is only those that leave their chin up that stand a chance at survival.”

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