Winnie Odinga on Dating, “Most Men Like Planning a Woman’s Life”

March 3, 2021

Winnie Odinga, the lastborn daughter of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, says she has had a bad experience with dating.

Speaking in a radio interview recently, Winnie laughed when asked if she was dating, saying the problem with most men is they try to plan a woman’s life.

“I do not want anyone to plan my life as I like doing my own things. Most men like planning your life and I have had a bad experience with love,” she said.

“My job is being in politics, and in Kenya, politics is done at night in the clubs, at homes. See someone like Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, got married at 49 years after she got someone who can support her.”

The CEO of ‘The Brickhouse Counsel’, a Consulting and Strategic Advice Agency for businesses, also opened up about her difficult upbringing in a political family.

“First, we were refugees during former President Moi’s era, we kept moving all the time, from Norway to Germany, to Denmark,” she said.

“Then later we came back to Kenya and even here, some teachers had problems with my dad, and this came to me and I used to be bullied by teachers.”

Winnie said her late brother Fidel convinced her parents to transfer her to another school.

“That is how I went to Brookhouse School,” she said.

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