Wycliffe Orinda: Relief For Viral Tout Who Told Court He Smokes Weed and Loves Blue Ice Vodka

February 25, 2021

A Nairobi-based tout who has since become a popular personality among Kenyans on social media has finally been sentenced.

Wycliffe Aloys Orinda, 31, first went viral early last month when admitted to smoking marijuana, telling Nairobi Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku that it helps him understand the BBI.

Orinda also opened up about his love for Blue Ice Vodka which he said helps him hit on old women.

Watch: Nairobi Tout Tells Court He Loves Vodka Because It Makes Older Women Look More Appealing

Towards the end of January, Orinda made headlines again after he protested sharing a remand cell with Lawrence Warunge, the homicide suspect who confessed to killing five members of his family.

Orinda, who was facing charges of creating a disturbance at his estranged wife’s place of work, finally got his reprieve on Wednesday.

Milimani chief magistrate Martha Mutuku sentenced Wycliffe Orinda to three years probation, meaning he will not serve jail term. He is also required to report to his area chief to run errands for the duration of his probation.

Orinda told the court he’s now a preacher who will spread peace and love when released.

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