Check Out This 250 Million Luxury 5-Bedroom House in Muthaiga

January 28, 2021

Kenyan developers are upping their game when it comes to house designs.

We're seeing a steady shift from the old boring designs to new contemporary ones, or something in the middle.

The rise of the internet and the exposure that comes with it has shown potential homeowners the kind of raw deal we've been getting as a country for decades.

There are countless channels on YouTube that tour beautiful houses, which has left many Kenyans of means wanting the same.

Today we look at a house in Muthaiga listed by realtor Pam Golding.

It is a 5 bedroom semi-contemporary luxury house in Old Muthaiga that sits on about half an acre, on the market now for Ksh250,000,000.

Here's a video tour.

Check out the pics and be the judge on whether it's worth the hefty price tag.

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