Kenyans Shocked by the Amount Azziad Charges for TikTok Videos

July 22, 2020

Kenyans are still coming to terms with news that teenage sensation Azziad Nasenya is potentially making a killing from her social media videos.

Azziad is the 19 year old who became famous after a TikTok video of herself dancing to Femi One and Mejja’s ‘Utawezana’ went viral.

There was even talk that she was the reason the video did very well on YouTube, accumulating over 7.7 million views to date. For a while, there was a debate on social media over whether Femi One should compensate Azziad for ‘popularizing’ the song.

As with other influencers, Azziad has jumped on her popularity seeking to commercialize her craft.

Generally when you have a huge social media following, advertisers approach you to promote their merchandise or services, hoping to tap into your loyal followers.

This advertising market started as a wild west, but has today become more organized with influencers being signed by agencies or hiring managers.

We always hear of the amounts famous world celebrities like Kim Kardashian charge per post, but we’ve never learnt of how much Kenyan influencers charge.

Well, today Azziad Nasenya’s rate card made its way on Twitter.

It’s unclear who leaked it, but it could be an employee from one of the advertising agencies that Azziad’s management contacted.

From the rate card, Azziad charges the following:

Video – Sh100,000
Live – 50,000

Feed – 100,000
Live – 50,000
Story – 50,000

Tweet – Sh50,000

Post – Sh100,000
Live – Sh50,000

Video – Sh100,000
Placement – Sh50,000
Mention – Sh30,000

Weekly Package
1 TikTok, 1 Tweet, I Facebook post, 1 Instagram post, 1 Instagram story

Monthly Package
2 TikTok videos, 2 Tweet, I Facebook post, 3 Instagram post, 4 Instagram stories

It is unclear whether the young celebrity has had any luck finding advertisers at that price tag.

But one Scanad (marketing agency) executive was not impressed.

“A lot of young hot content creators are being misled. Heh, I have seen some rate cards today and ummmm. Okay. Shallom,” he wrote around the same time the rate card leaked, but without stating that it was Azziad’s rate card he was referring to.

As of this writing, Azziad has nearly 500,000 followers on TikTok; 533,000 followers on Instagram; 66,000 likes on Facebook; 125,000 followers on Twitter; and 55,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Following the revelations, KOT has been having a field day.

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