The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday July 22)

July 23, 2020

Here are some of today’s top stories.

These American mercenaries were the heroes of China

A few hundred of Americans became the heroes of China in 1941– flying warplanes featured a tooth-filled shark on their nose, destroying nearly 500 Japanese planes during World War II.

Fact check: At his first coronavirus briefing since April, Trump repeats a handful of classic false claims

In his first coronavirus briefing since April, President Donald Trump got a little more accurate about the state of the pandemic in the US — but also continued to make some of the same false claims and promote some of the same misleading narratives of his previous moments in the White House briefing room.

Texas Covid-19 hot spot is facing a ‘tsunami’ of patients, overwhelming hospitals

Jessica Ortiz said she and her twin brother, Jubal, were inseparable. Even when Jubal lay dead in an open casket with plexiglass over his body — out of fear he could still be contagious with coronavirus — she couldn’t help but lean down and touch him at his viewing earlier this month.

Nearly one in four people in Delhi may have contracted Covid-19, study reveals

Nearly one in four residents in the Indian capital of New Delhi may have been infected with the novel coronavirus, antibody tests on a random sample of people has shown.

Trump blasts Beijing in public, but privately Trump org imports tons of Chinese goods

President Donald Trump has cast himself as tough on China and promised that his trade negotiations with Beijing would economically benefit everyday Americans, even as Trump-owned properties have continued to contribute to the trade deficit with the country he rails about.

Joe Biden says he is considering four Black women to be his running mate

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Monday he was considering four Black women to be his running mate, and has been receiving extensive vetting briefings about each potential candidate.

Mars is the latest arena in the US-China rivalry

Two years after humans last landed a probe on Mars, both the United States and China are launching missions to the red planet this month and setting up a new arena for their growing rivalry.

One of the oldest businesses on the internet just got sold for $9 billion

One of the web’s oldest businesses has a new owner.

Scientists are one step closer to delaying aging

Scientists at the University of California San Diego may be one step closer to being able to delay the aging process.

China’s latest starfish-shaped airport set to boost tourism in northeast

Qingdao, a Chinese coastal city famous for being the headquarters of (CNN) – Tsingtao Brewery, is poised for a major tourism boost with the completion of the new Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport. Construction wrapped up on June 24, according to Chinese state media, but an official opening date has not been announced.

Trump predicts pandemic will ‘get worse’

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Cheetahs and gorillas but few tourists to see them

With its game parks, beaches and historic sites, Africa attracts a huge number of foreign tourists but numbers are sharply down because of the coronavirus outbreak, writes Larry Madowo. Maria Maile has been cooking lunches and hosting overnight guests at her home in South Africa’s coastal city of Cape Town since her first three guests checked in nearly 22 years ago.

Whole Foods in Black Lives Matter legal claim

Workers at Whole Foods are suing the US supermarket for punishing them for wearing Black Lives Matter masks. The federal lawsuit says the firm discriminated against black staff by selectively enforcing its dress code. Whole Foods, owned by tech giant Amazon, forbids staff from wearing clothes with messages that are not company-related.

Twitter cracks down on QAnon conspiracy theorists

Twitter has announced sweeping measures aimed at cracking down on the QAnon conspiracy theory, including banning thousands of accounts. The social media giant said it would also stop recommending content linked to QAnon and block URLs associated with it from being shared on the platform.

Coronavirus: What I learnt in Oxford’s vaccine trial

I’m sitting in a hospital reception, and my breath is fogging my glasses. Minutes ago, I had been running through humid streets, late for my appointment. As doctors and nurses stroll past on their way to work, I’m aware that I don’t look particularly well.

Why Arctic sea ice just crashed to an extreme, record low

Where there should be ice-clad seas, there is vast, open ocean. Arctic sea ice – declining now for decades – has plummeted to a record-low for this time of year. The oceans above Russia and Siberia have a particularly glaring lack of ice.

Amazon rolls out little delivery robot to more cities

Amazon is rolling out its robot delivery trial to more cities. The e-commerce giant launched its delivery system, Amazon Scout, in January 2019 using electric, autonomous vehicles that can navigate sidewalks to deliver packages. They were first developed and tested in Snohomish County, north of Seattle, then rolled out in Irvine, California in August of that year.

Chinese hackers counted on no one clicking ‘update’ in decade-long spree

Uh, maybe stop asking your computer to remind you tomorrow. The Department of Justice unsealed an indictment Tuesday alleging two hackers worked in collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of State Security to steal everything from video game source code to weapons designs from hundreds of companies around the globe.

20+ apps and websites to help you live a more sustainable life

So you want to live a cleaner, greener, more sustainable life? OK, let’s do this! But suddenly giving up meat completely, or never buying single-use plastic again, is easier said than done. To make aspects of your life more sustainable, it’s best to start small and build on those changes until you’ve incorporated healthier habits (for the planet and yourself) into everyday choices.

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