I Had to Hide Kitchen Knives Before Going to Bed With Noti Flow – Colonel Mustafa

January 31, 2020

Reality TV actor Colonel Mustafa has reiterated that his ex-girlfriend Noti Flow was physically abusive towards him.

Speaking to Milele FM’s Bangaiza Show on Tuesday, the rapper recalled an incident where Noti Flow answered a call on his phone. After finding out it was a woman, the femcee allegedly went berserk and attacked Mustafa.

“She bit and scratched me using her fingernails,” he told ‘Bangaiza’ hosts Kartelo and Chris.

Mustafa also recalled moments where Noti Flow “kicked me without any provocation”.

He added that he lived in fear and had to hide all the kitchen knives in the house before going to sleep with Noti Flow.

“I remember there was a time I was ailing and she couldn’t take good care of me. I feared her to the extent that I had to hide all the kitchen knives in my house when we were about to go to bed,” he said.

Asked why he endured the abusive relation for nearly three years, Mustafa said he was blinded by love.

Mustafa’s allegations come a month after he accused Noti of being abusive and stealing his Instagram account.

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